jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

Gorillaz- Hong Kong

Oh que puedo decir de ésta cancion...
tal vez oirla

Lord, hear me now
John was an English boy
Crashing out in superpowers
Electric fences and guns

You swallow me
I'm up here on your top
Here on the writing floor
A million lives may be gone

And laid in a star's light
It begins to explode
And all the people in a dream,
wait for the machine
Pick the shit up, leave it clean

Kid, hang over here
What you learning in school?
It's the rise of what you still sung
On a becon for everyone

The radio station disappears
Music turning to thin air
The DJ was the last to leave
She had well conditioned hair,
was beautiful, but nothing really was there

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Adur dijo...

Cómo se llama ese instrumento de cuerdas?...lo he escuchado en otras canciones.